Instant Communication

Sometimes customers just want to reorder a different color variation of the product, a different product, or they simply want to ask some questions. Truth is, email just doesn't cut it when it comes to responsiveness. Catch your customers at the right place, and at the right time.

Your products, your revenue

Customize reorder time based on when your customers are going to run out of a product given to previous purchase history. Best of all, customize reorder reminders based on SKU's.

Instant ROI tracking

Track clicks from your sms messages and sales as they are instantly generated.

Easy integrations

Integrate your e-commerce store with HolyGrail within seconds via our Shopify app.

Optimize, Predict and Grow

No more platform to platform clunky integrations and inaccurate data. Measure everything in one place with our user friendly dashboard. Track things such as sales per SKU, reorders per customer and clicks on your sms so you can identify copy that works and sells.


Our average customer makes over 5x their costs with HolyGrail.

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